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10/08/2011 - Turkey Testicle Festival Poem

The Turkey Testicle Festival
Of Byron, Illinois
Is a truly original spectacle
That brings the villagers joy.
It happens every October,
The second weekend each year.
You can't really enjoy it sober,
So there's always lots  of  beer.
There are live bands and karaoke
In the bars and at the malls.
Yeah, maybe it sounds hokey
To chow down on turkey balls.
The Festival is a rarity,
But much money has been earned.
The money all goes to charity;
They leave no stone unturned.
Where do they get the testicles?
They save them from turkeys all year.
They freeze them, and then at the Festivals,
Deep fry them, wash them down with beer.
The Turkey Testicle Festival
Can be a lot of fun,
But it's proper and respectable--
You must be 21.
The Festival's more than 30 years old,
As many can recall.
Each year it's bigger and more bold.
The motto is, "Have a ball."
The Festival's popularity is strong;
It doesn't wane or ebb.
There's a  Turkey Testicle Festival Song--
You can hear it on the Web.
The Turkey Testicle Festival--
There's no ifs, ands, or buts--
It's true but still incredible.
I think those folks are nuts! 
-------Sharon F. Warner
The Turkey Testicle Festival was originally published in the Journal of Ordinary Thought, but I retain the copyright.

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January 17, 2012

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