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01/13/2013 - "Whiteboy Wasted" EP Review

In addition to pinning Black Lung and Fresco's "Whiteboy Wasted" to the long list of Rockford originals, you can arguably tab it as the best rap album to ever come out of this town, and one of the better-produced albums by newcomers in the whole game.

The EP is produced entirely by Soleternity (@Soleternity), who has worked with Tech N9ne, Bone Crusher, MTV's "Next," ESPN's "And 1," and is producer and creator of the up and coming movie "The High and Mighty."

Before I begin, let's meet the artists:

Black Lung - @BlakeLung
The 21 year-old from Davenport, Iowa is also known as Blake Lung and has already performed in over 70 shows around the country, including five at SXSW. He has completed four independent tours, released six music videos, and charted #16 on the CMJ Top 40 Hip Hop Albums chart with "Tha Me$$ I Made"  last May.

Fresco Clean - @FrescoClean
The 22 year-old Rockford native is a globe-trotting battle rapper and hip-hop artist known for his freestyles and being a lady's man. Already somewhat internet famous from all his "Grind Time Now" battles and others from around the world, this is his first official musical release of any kind.

"Whiteboy Wasted" is a seven-track EP released March 15th on iTunes. The album was heavily promoted on Twitter and Facebook in the months prior, so I was eagerly awaiting the release, and I was especially looking forward to the full version of "Stuntin," which you can watch the promo video of below:

Even before I saw the "Stuntin" video, I came across the now controversial "Dope Money" video in which Rockford's status as the "9th Most Dangerous City in America" is exploited through the dropping of violent crime statistics and the donning of jersey-style shirts with "Rockford 9" emblazoned on the chest. Beyond all the hype, the video served its purpose and garnered attention. Whether we like it or not, the statistics are what they are, and if we can use them as a catalyst for producing art and music, I'm all for it. I'll let you judge for yourself:

My first impressions of the album were that the lyrics were genius, the production was clean, and the energy stayed high throughout. It quickly became apparent Fresco and Black Lung are easily able to convey how much fun they're having while performing and still maintain the professionalism and seriousness needed to pull off a solid album.

After a dozen or so rotations, my favorite tracks are "Get Throwed," "Just Like Heaven," "Ballerblock," and "Stuntin," but it's important to note I'm not disappointed with any of them. As I write this, "Dope Money" is blasting through my earbuds, and I may just have to chalk that one up as a favorite as well. For me to have four or five favorites on a seven-track EP is impressive, to say the least. This will definitely be my go-to rap album for the summer.

Overall, "Whiteboy Wasted" is well worth your time, and I highly recommend getting yourself a copy. It has me excited for what these guys and the rest of Borgata Mob have planned for the future, and proud to say they hail from my hometown.

We may live in one of the most violent, miserable and obese cities in the country, but least we aren't unoriginal.

- K.D. March 21, 2012


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These dudes straight suck! Sellouts

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March 22, 2012 by Erik

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